Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt on Earth2

There is no doubt that the times Earth2.io is going through right now are difficult ones. There have been a deluge of YouTube videos attacking the site for what they deem is an impossible vision and outright calling it a scam for the way it has operated its initial roll out of Phase 1. To throw fuel onto the fire, Earth2 hired a young developer who had a negative (and this is probably too light a word to use here) history with the same YouTube content creators who had been bashing Earth2 in recent weeks.

Many of the problems that lie with Earth2.io come in their lack of communication. The question marks that exist come as a result of their being no definitive answers. E2 tried to appease the YouTube critics by releasing a rushed video of a buggy driving around and making a jump, but all that did was bring more criticism as the video utilized Unity store bought assets that lead developer Nathaniel Doldersum stated were placeholders just to show the terrain physics.

Those who have faith in Earth2 look at the criticism as just YouTubers looking for easy views. It was obvious to see the vicious cycle of videos come out after the popularity of the first one released showed it was a topic people wanted to discuss. Earth2 is an easy target given the massive amount of sales they’ve had and the lack of any true gameplay elements that have been displayed.

While many have stayed strong in their support of the project, the videos have certainly led to an increase in the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (also known as FUD) among many. There have been numerous users, some of them high-profile in terms of their standing in E2, that have started to sell off their properties in order to cash out. Even renowned flipper easymoneysniper is listing all his properties for sale right now with no immediate intentions to buy new properties (to be fair, he did state he was only taking a “mini-break”). Then there is the mystery of GreenDog (who now is going by the name BeKindBeHumble on the leaderboards) who had a massive fire sale of all his properties taking him from over 300,000 tiles owned to a mere 2,531 as of the time of this article. The Bowl Combo has transitioned his weekly Earth2 review to a Metaverse review. Even my good friend and podcast co-host Kangaroo Jack Nicholson has started to sell off some (not all) properties to “play it safe”. There is no doubt that FUD has hit some of the Earth2 userbase.

Are these people making a mistake? I think they are. I understand everyone wants answers now. Yesterday. Last month. I’ve been one of those people at times, penning articles such as “When Phase 2?”, “Time to Panic”, and “Why So Silent? “ Shane has made it clear that Earth2 is looking to improve their communications and have been reaching out to PR firms in San Francisco to start that process. The team has been growing steadily over the past few months and they continue to interview and bring people on that have value (new controversial dev arguments aside).

Let’s take a closer look at Shane’s last major announcement:

Essence and EPLs the tweaks and restructuring is coming along well and we believe that there may be an option for us to roll out Essence and EPLs while internally progressing and preparing for the opportunity that caused the initial delay. By doing so we would allow Phase 2 to officially begin, something we would ALL like to happen!

React The pivot is almost complete and to summarise, once done, will allow us to implement and roll out more secure changes, fixes and new features significantly faster, such as holo-buildings and property attributes, while also providing the opportunity to expand on features we have been wanting to tweak and improve for some time.

Blockchain It is with great pleasure we officially announce that Earth2 has been in the process of developing a strategic blockchain plan and will be integrating on-chain assets into our core virtual metaverse experience.

Resources Our plan is to first rollout resources in one lucky country in order to test and balance resource production properly before expanding the system to the whole world. Thus you, our users, will play an important part in the final design and balancing of this feature.

That’s a hell of a lot of progress/implementation being done. We have Essence and EPL’s being restructured with a clear statement that there is an option to roll it out while still progressing the Blockchain opportunity (which is clearly the reason for the initial delay). The website is almost close to being redone. Resources will soon be rolled out in one country where Earth2 users will be play-testers so they can find and fix potential issues. And I think most importantly, E2 is going to be implementing blockchain elements and on-chain assets onto the platform. I think a key point to take from the Blockchain statement in the announcement is the repeated use of decentralization — a tip of the cap to future crypto coin integration.

This stuff doesn’t happen in one week, much less one month. Do we need more constant updates and communication? Absolutely and I will continue to bang that drum. But if you have fear, uncertainty, and doubt and are selling off your properties right now because of a few bad YouTube videos, then you’re going to look like that guy who sold 70 Bitcoin for $600 a decade ago.

That person was me.

Don’t be me.

Originally published at https://mynameishumanpod.com.



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